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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday brunch

We have our brunch today at Cube Restaurant and Wine Lounge at City Mall. This is the first time we came here and the moment we enter it we received a warm welcome....well that was a good one for me and pleased with it hehehe.

This is the one of the thing I observe whenever I visit a restaurant for the first time....coz it a 'moment of truth' for me...I choose a table or walk out *wink*. After being comfortable we went throught the menu list...hmm...I was a bit lost not that I don't understand what's written haha. Guess being an observant waiter....without hesitation he went through with us on some of the food that we asked and recommended on some of the food. So finally we decided on going for 'a la carte' instead of the set lunch.

So...this is what we had :)

My hubby choosed the Braised Pork Belly and this is Cube's signature dish. I took a bite and like smooth sweet taste and soft meat then again those who are on strict diet or worried about their cholestrol not to order this unless you are willing to take a day break from your rules hahaha because it's not enough just taking a bite hehehe

Braised Pork Belly

I went for the Sweet Wine Lamb Chop and glad I did. I love it so much, not too much wine just enough for your tongue to taste and not very sweet.

Sweet Wine Lamp Chop

Add VideoSpinach

Something interesting about this dish, I think it's a fried fu chuk(bean curd skin) on top of the spinach and guess what? It moves LOL but I forgot to ask why does it moves...and it goes on for a few minutes that it made me think of an 'alien' in my food which made me 'drowned' the fu chuk in the gravy hehehe

Here is a video snap of it hehehe

And our dessert, the yummy Flambe ice-cream

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Prosperous Restaurant...again

Had another family dinner at New Prosperous Restaurant last night....A birthday treat from my sisters-in-law. The food we had this time more or less the same as the last dinner we had which was two months ago except for a changes in two of the dishes.

This time we tried the Claypot Taufu with Fish, Broccoli with Mushroom in Oyster Sauce and Lotus Root Soup.

At Upperstar Damai, I tried on their Caesar Salad...hmmm...not bad but too much dressings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday dinner

Pictures collections of the food we had during my 48th birthday dinner with my friends at Toscani's.

Baked Cheesed Oysters


Fish and Chips


Margareta Mozzarella Pizza

Monday, April 6, 2009

buffet dinner at Cafe Boleh

Went for a buffet dinner at Cafe Boleh at Pacific Sutera last Thursday, actually its a treat from a dear friend of mine.

I've no complaints on the food...everything were yummy to me hehehe.

Started with the on the right track on the so called healthy food but then soon after that I forgot all about the health stuff LOL...

My leafy salad

My seafood salad and kimchi

Scallop with tomato puree topping

My local salad

just a proof I ate my food....almost hehehe

My dinner; stew pasta, skew seafood...forgot the name of the rest LOL

 desserts; my favorite caramel, raspberry mousse etc

mango pudding

Finally I end it with food for health *wink*....I started well and ends well LOL

Praise God for the great wonderful appetite!

Hmmm...need to fast for the next few days LOL

and .........

the Pay Master...thanks Is :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The New Emperor Restaurant Menu

We went for a dinner at the New Emperor Restaurant last Friday, 20th February to celebrate my hubby birthday. Actually it's a birthday treat from two of his sisters, Josephine and Nora.

The foods were delicious and each of us has our favorite hehehe. So, I would like to share here the pictures of the for the name of the dishes...well...I just describe it as I understood and with my 0.001% knowledge of Chinese words LOL since our waiter himself can't give us or not sure he is giving us the correct translation of what listed in the menu for he only knows what it is called in Chinese and we don't want to torture the poor guy who were struggling to give us the right translation hahaha

Caution: It's a non-halal restaurant :D

So here it is....

New Emperor Signature food; their very own made taufu, deep friend and steamed with light soy-sauce and sprinkled with minced pork meat, fried shallots and red chillie. Slightly sweet and more to a salty it and my favorite.

Paikut Wong@ Pork Chop

Pak Choy; Was a bit disappointed with this one coz its a bit overcooked.

Fried Talapia in black soya sauce; It may be an ordinary dish but this one is has a perfect test to me, from the way the fish being fried which is not too dry or hard and yet not too soft and the soya sauce mixture is not too salty, sweet or oily.

Minced Pork Slice; Not bad, not my favorite though but the children loves it and this dish is not recommended for the weight watcher hahaha

Steam Red Talapia; Delicious! and steamed in perfection hehehe

Spring Chicken; No comments coz I didn't take a bite but then children loves it very much which mean it should be yummy ;)

and the dessert...which I forgot to taste

Japanese food is one of our family fav food...well..since Gabe is still a baby it is yet to be seen IF he would go for it when he is old enough to know the difference hahaha.

Earlier this month the three of us went to City Mall and my hubby came up with the idea of giving the Japanese Restaurant, Hana, a try. It is located at the ground floor just facing the Old Town cafe and Big Apple. The environment as well as the setting is not bad, cozy and it caters for one's need of environment, if you wants privacy they have an area for that. for us we preferred to choose near by the cho-cho train as Gabe referred it to hahaha and frankly we have no no choice since Gabe loves to watch the train going around in circle and we are ok with it for he would be occupy with it and leave us parents concentrating on our food...brilliant!, right? wakaka

My hubby ordered the Bento Special and its good, I would recommend that and as for me as usual I would go for salmon sushi. Although sushi is a common menu in a Jap's Restaurant, still, it has it own distinctive taste from the other and as for here I give a thumbs up. As for Gabe I ordered for him...gee I forgot what it called hehe but it's rice with chicken, omelette's and veg., sorry to say Gabe didn't go for his food and mum have to eat it...sayang bah...but it's not my taste as well but for those who likes their food manis2 sikit then I think ok jg ni...kuah dia bah yang manis mangkali tu hehehe.

Mumsie at Devi's

Went to eat at Devi Cafe and Curry House recently. Devi's is a an Indian restaurant located at Api-Api Center right behind Promenade Hotel and Marina Court. It sure do serve a very delicious hot fried fish serve directly from the pan (well...that's what I love most there hehehe) which I usually have it with my roti(sedap the roti) or with their traditional banana leaf set which they are famous for and later flush it down with a nice hot teh tarik...yup! For that day I went for a banana leaf set with my hot fried fish and teh tarik kurang manis.

Since I didn't bring my camera I settle with taking the picture with my mobile cam(mau abis sudah baru ingat mau gambar) which contributed to the poor visual coz bukan changgih punya camera and malam lagi tu hehehe

Bah...pigilah cuba2 makan sana...