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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

We had our dinner at Chinese Cantonese Restaurant in Winner Hotel. It was recommended by my colleague Annie who often patronized this restaurant and give a good review on the food served here beside the competitive price.

So, being a curious person and 'food adventurous' as well as trusting my friend(she has the same passion for food *wink*) we decided to choose this restaurant for our dinner without hesitation.

Well...thanks God for making the right decision for the very moment we taste on the soup it was just as Annie's says...delicious! and the same goes for the rest of the was cooked to perfection and taste yummy (to me lah bah hehehe) and complimenting to the well cooked food was the service especially by the waitress whom took our order, Rose. With her guidance and explanation we didn't find it difficult to order and mind you we don't even have to wait for our food that long, it was served within 20 minutes hehehe For those who hates waiting, you should try here.

By the end of the dinner, we decided to come back here again and will try the rest of the food that on the menu list....they sure have a lot hahaha.

Fish Maw Soup

Lettuce cooked with preserved bean curd

Black Pepper Lamb

Pai kut wong

Crispy Chicken
(their signature food...every table has this on their table LOL)

Butter Prawn

Yam ring

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday brunch

We have our brunch today at Cube Restaurant and Wine Lounge at City Mall. This is the first time we came here and the moment we enter it we received a warm welcome....well that was a good one for me and pleased with it hehehe.

This is the one of the thing I observe whenever I visit a restaurant for the first time....coz it a 'moment of truth' for me...I choose a table or walk out *wink*. After being comfortable we went throught the menu list...hmm...I was a bit lost not that I don't understand what's written haha. Guess being an observant waiter....without hesitation he went through with us on some of the food that we asked and recommended on some of the food. So finally we decided on going for 'a la carte' instead of the set lunch.

So...this is what we had :)

My hubby choosed the Braised Pork Belly and this is Cube's signature dish. I took a bite and like smooth sweet taste and soft meat then again those who are on strict diet or worried about their cholestrol not to order this unless you are willing to take a day break from your rules hahaha because it's not enough just taking a bite hehehe

Braised Pork Belly

I went for the Sweet Wine Lamb Chop and glad I did. I love it so much, not too much wine just enough for your tongue to taste and not very sweet.

Sweet Wine Lamp Chop

Add VideoSpinach

Something interesting about this dish, I think it's a fried fu chuk(bean curd skin) on top of the spinach and guess what? It moves LOL but I forgot to ask why does it moves...and it goes on for a few minutes that it made me think of an 'alien' in my food which made me 'drowned' the fu chuk in the gravy hehehe

Here is a video snap of it hehehe

And our dessert, the yummy Flambe ice-cream